10 Tips for CompTIA Security+ Exam Success [Updated 2020]

The Security+ exam is employed to assess candidates’ knowledge on basic security concepts and best practices. this is often considered an entry-level exam, but isn’t a simple test to pass. Follow these nine tips for Security+ certification exam success.

1. Become conversant in the Security+ Exam Domains

The six Security+ domains include:

  • Domain 1 – Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities (21%)
  • Domain 2 – Technologies and Tools (22%)
  • Domain 3 – Architecture and style (15%)
  • Domain 4 – Identity and Access Management (16%)
  • Domain 5 – Risk Management (14%)
  • Domain 6 – Cryptography and PKI (12%)

Create an inventory of the domains and individual items to review within each domain. for instance , under network security, list a couple of bullets for firewalls, IDSs, routers, etc. Then gather study materials that best suit your study needs. If you’ve got a neighborhood that you simply are weak in, study that first.

It is often best to start out with the foremost challenging concepts. Once you master them, it’ll set the tone and pace for the remainder of the domains you would like to review . make sure you have mastered one domain before moving to subsequent . As you progress through the domains, many concepts will overlap, which may speed up your study process.

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2. Create a Study Plan

Now that you’ve identified what you would like to review , it’s time to make a study plan. Be realistic about your work and life obligations. attempt to schedule study time during your down time, or in conjunction with times once you could also be using a number of the fabric you’re learning. as an example , if you’re scheduled to attend a technical seminar or brief that’s focused on discussing current network security trends, decide to study networking techniques before, during and then seminar.

Other factors to think about while creating your study plan include:

  • How soon does one shall take the examination? Check the Pearson VUE website to seek out a time that works for you.
  • How much are you able to spend on preparation material and training courses? search for official, certified study materials and training to form sure you’ve got a radical understanding of every topic covered within the exam.
  • What training method most accurately fits you? Some people prefer self-learning, while others think there’s no substitute for the classroom. Use your past learning experiences to assist you choose the tactic to assist you prepare best.
  • How well acquainted are you already with the exam subjects? Your personal experience can prevent some studying time, but you ought to take into consideration factors like the exam length and question logic. Relying an excessive amount of on experience alone may be a poor strategy which will likely cause bad results.

3. Take Practice Exams

Because this is often an entry-level exam, many candidates might not be conversant in test taking strategies or how it feels to require a timed exam. Taking multiple practice exams will assist you assess what proportion time you’ll need for every question, also as your overall knowledge level. Taking practice exams supported single domain subjects may be a good initiative . Once you’ve mastered each domain area, take full-length practice exams to make sure you’re ready for the particular exam experience.

To get started, review CompTIA’s practice questions. an alternative choice is DumpsOut Institute’s practice test service, SkillSet.

As for practice exam test results, don’t be discouraged. Unless you’re an experienced test taker, it’s quite common for things to travel sour during the primary round of questions, especially if you’re not through with your reading and prep course. Take some time to review and use every resource available to clarify any doubts. By the top of your study plan, you’ll see consistent results on practice exams.

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4. Get many Rest

This may appear to be a no brainer , but this was the simplest advice I received before taking the exam. attempt to schedule the exam on the brink of your home or work so you don’t need to worry about being stressed by traffic to urge there. I took my test at 10 a.m., but a mile from my home, and didn’t enter work until after the exam. The morning of, I did a light-weight review of a number of the concepts to make sure I hadn’t forgotten them overnight. These included the OSI model, the CIA triad and a few of the foremost used ports and protocols. But that was it. I wanted to offer my brain an opportunity before taking the test.

I ate a pleasant breakfast that wasn’t too heavy, but enough to form sure I wouldn’t get hungry during the test. If you’ve studied well, being comfortable while taking the exam can make all of the difference.

5. Get to understand Your Exam

The CompTIA website provides essential information about the Security+ exam. it’ll also provide links to tons of useful information, like official training providers, exam topics, practice questions and study material.

It also contains essential details like an summary of the certification and therefore the exam, including its prerequisites, what percentage and what sort of questions you’re close to face, time allotted for examination and therefore the passing mark.

6. Leverage Free Exam-Prep Resources

CompTIA’s Security+ exam objectives and practice questions are available for free of charge online. Use these as a start line to guage your understanding of the Security+ exam. Reviewing these materials can help tons , especially in constructing your study plan.

7. become involved In an Exam Prep Course

Deciding to use a self-study-only approach could seem sort of a bold decision, but it’s going to not be the simplest strategy. browsing a certification preparation course allows you to spend time with an experienced instructor, with actual knowledge on the way to beat the exam. it’s a superb opportunity to urge all of your questions answered, share experiences and methods , and even network if it’s in-person training. This leads to a greater success rate on any certification exam.

8. Join a Security+ Online Community

A simple Google search will find several Security+ forums, wikis and private websites where both candidates and authorized professionals share their certification experiences.

As usual, it’s important to verify the credibility of any source you’re using. as an example , if you’re trying to find a proper definition of an idea that’s covered within the exam, the simplest approach is using official material, e.g., books, guidelines and other official publications. But, if you’re trying to find general advice, posting your question to a web forum like reddit or TechExams are often quite helpful.

Many candidates visit online forums and look for “Security+ success.” this will function both preparation and motivation for the upcoming exam. If you’re feeling confident, searching “Security+ failure” posts can also offer you some important advice, as learning from the mistakes of others is much less painful than from your own.

A word of advice: Unless you’ve got time to assist others, stand back from toxic people and posts. Many unfortunate exam takers go browsing to vent their frustration and this will be discouraging.

9. Clear Your Mind and Relax

Use the following pointers to clear your mind and stay focused during the exam:

  • Be aware of your time . During the exam, you’ll reach a high level of concentration i prefer to call “the zone.” this suggests a greater focus, which is sweet for problem solving, but can cause you to lose track of your time .
  • What could seem like seconds are often precious minutes; hours tend to pass at a really fast rate, so confirm you’ve got time to travel through every question on the exam.
  • Take some time reading the questions. Even with limited time, it’s important to not rush. Take some time , concentrate to every question and answer option and confirm you understand what’s being asked. await distractors (options that are obviously false) in multiple-choice questions which will be quickly eliminated. it’s also important to pay close attention to terms like MOST, LEAST, NOT, ALL, NEVER and ALWAYS, since they will entirely change a sentence.
  • Try to relax. Remember to stretch and relax your muscles during the exam. A relaxed mind can assist you solve difficult questions.
  • Remember, there’s no reason to panic. Remaining calm will improve your concentration. If you followed your study plan correctly, your results will likely be great; if not, you’ll have tons more experience during subsequent try!

10. Take a web Security+ Training camp

DumpsOut Insistute’s Security+ Training camp SYO-501 may be a excellent spot to start! The Security+ camp teaches you information security theory and reinforces that theory with hands-on exercises that assist you “learn by doing.”


In the end, the Security+ certification may be a good way to advance your cyber security/DumpsOut career. However, needless to say , such benefits come at a cost: only the foremost dedicated candidates will succeed. Plan ahead and use these ten tips as a basis for your study strategy.

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